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Mental Health

  1. Common Digestive System Diseases

    This course provides learners with an understanding of the healthy digestive system and many common disease processes affecting both the adult and elderly populations. A review of the anatomy and physiology of the healthy gastrointestinal system is presented. The pathophysiology of over 20 diseases that involve the gastrointestinal system are discussed including causes, symptoms, and common treatment. Both common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and of the gastrointestinal accessory organs are discussed. Care of the resident and considerations for caregivers is provided to give learners an awareness of how to best assist those who have gastrointestinal disease.
    Course Number: SP005-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 5
    • Major Structures and Functions of the Digestive System
    • Common Symptoms and Treatment for Each Disease
  2. Tuberculosis: Disease and Prevention

    This program will provide an in-depth look at Tuberculosis (TB) and the disease processes affecting today’s population. The pathophysiology of this disease process is discussed in great detail as well as potential complications and treatment. Assessment and care of the resident will be discussed as well.
    Course Number: SP019-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • The Cause of Tuberculosis (TB)
    • Risk Factors for Acquiring TB
  3. Psychosocial Issues

    Psychosocial Issues
    Course Number: SP035-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Ways to Meet Our Resident's Psychosocial Needs
    • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  4. Preventing Suicide in the Elderly

    This course will teach you how to spot the warning signs, what to expect, and ways you can help prevent suicide in elders.
    Course Number: MENT201
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • How to Spot the Warning Signs
    • Steps to Intervene and Prevent Suicide
  5. The Mental Health System

    The Mental Health System
    Course Number: ACS307
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Identify Common Condition/Disorders of the Mental Health System
    • Understand How to Provide Care for Their Client's Mental Health
  6. Mental Illness

    Mental Illness
    Course Number: NEC101
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • How to Effectively Work With Mentally Ill Clients
    • Understand the Possible Causes of Mental Illness
  7. Mental Health Care Certification

    Mental Health Care Certification
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-15-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 11
    • The Mental Health System: Common Conditions and Care
    • Taking Care of YOU - Avoiding Burnout
  8. 6 Hour Mental Health Package

    The course package is designed to facilitate a better understanding of mental illness, increase coping skills, to expand the participants' compassion for the individuals and their families and to promote a collaborative model of care.
    Course Number: US-ALL-MENT-2-0-6
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 6
    • Understand the Needs of a Person With a Physical Disability
    • Components of the ISP for Clients With Developmental Disabilities
  9. 8 Hour Mental Health Package

    This course package is designed for the care setting to provide accurate information about mental illness, the signs and symptoms of various disorders, treatments, medications and available community resources.
    Course Number: US-ALL-MENT-2-0-8
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 8
    • Understand When and How to Create Incident Reports
    • Different Routes That Medication Can Administered