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Employee Safety / OSHA Training

  1. General Workplace Safety

    This module will address key general workplace safety concepts, including workplace injuries, ergonomics, reporting, and more.
    Course Number: OSHA01
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Understanding and Application of General Safety Rules
    • Preventing and Responding to Workplace Injuries
  2. Medical Emergencies and Emergency Preparedness DVD

    This program teaches caregivers effective ways to relate to medical emergencies and disasters.
    Course Number: V22I
    • Training Materials and DVDs
    • 0.5 Hours
    • The Importance of Emergency Preparedness
    • Medical Emergencies That Must Be Reported Immediately
  3. Proper Body Mechanics and Back Safety DVD

    This program teaches home care personnel and family caregivers the principles of body mechanics and the importance of learning to move correctly in order to avoid injury.
    Course Number: V17I
    • Training Materials and DVDs
    • 0.5 Credit Hours
    • Principles of Body Mechanics
    • the Importance of Learning to Move Correctly
  4. How to Use a Mechanical Lift DVD

    A mechanical lift may be recommended if your family member cannot stand up independently or if weight makes it too difficult to move him or her. This program will introduce you to how a lift works.
    Course Number: V11I
    • Training Materials and DVDs
    • 1 Credit Hour
    • Parts of a mechanical lift
    • Safety measures
  5. Caregiver Wellness DVD

    This program presents a variety of simple, effective stress reduction and relaxation techniques. Choose the ones you like best and incorporate them into your daily life.
    Course Number: V9I
    • Training Materials and DVDs
    • 1 Credit Hour
    • The Importance of Maintaining Wellness
    • Program Comes with Support Materials
  6. Personal Protective Equipment

    This course will cover common types of PPE that we may use in assisted living and residential care. Stress the importance of proper disposal of PPE.
    Course Number: OSHA03
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Common Types of PPE
    • How to Effectively Use PPE
  7. Fire Electrical, and Chemical Safety

    It is imperative that this module incorporates facility-specific procedures. This should include a walk through to orient staff on types of and locations of your emergency equipment, emergency exits, alarms, etc. Practice all procedures discussed in the module as well as any facility specific procedures. This should include the use of fire extinguishers, fire pulls/alarms, fire/emergency drills, etc. Perhaps invite a representative of your fire department or other safety consultant to augment this module. You may want to gather a few Safety Data Sheets for chemicals you use in your facility for review during this module.
    Course Number: OSHA05
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Types of and Locations of Your Emergency Equipment
    • This Course We Will Address Three Areas of Safety
  8. Workplace Violence

    This course is designed to assist you in creating a prevention plan for workplace violence. We define the specifics of workplace violence as it relates to assisted living and residential care Communities, how to prevent workplace violence, and effective strategies to reduce the risk of and how to deal with workplace violence.
    Course Number: OSHA04
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Preventing Workplace Violence
    • How to Deal With Workplace Violence
  9. Back and Lifting Safety

    This module will address the causes of back injury, safe lifting techniques, and safely assisting residents.
    Course Number: OSHA02
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • The Importance of Back Safety
    • Safely Assisting Residents
  10. Skills Training DVD and Checklists

    This essential training tool provides both a DVD of basic care skills as well as a comprehensive set of skills checklists. Use the DVD to review skills and select from over 30 skills checklists to create a standardized way to measure – and track – your caregivers’ skills.
    Course Number: SKCKLS
    • Includes Training DVD and Resource Materials
    • Skills Checklist
    • Designed for Assisted Living and Home Care
    • Customize to Develop Your Organization’s Unique Guide

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