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Leadership and Management Training

  1. Service Plans

    This module will address the purpose of individualized resident service plans. Issues addressed in service plans, individualizing resident care, creating and updating service plans, and the role the caregiver plays in the service planning process will all be discussed. This module will also address regulatory requirements.
    Course Number: LM01
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • The Purpose of a Service Plan
    • What the Service Plan Should Include
  2. Documentation - Safe and Sound Narrative Charting

    This training section will provide staff members with examples of all the forms and other documentation tools that will be utilized in your facility.
    Course Number: LM03
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Types of Records and Documentation
    • Persons Responsible for Narrative Documentation
  3. Introduction to Marketing

    Your marketing plan and analysis is a necessity in developing and implementing the appropriate service offerings in your assisted living program. This video will explore how to pinpoint the areas around which you should focus your marketing plan.
    Course Number: LM04
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Marketing Plan
    • Referral Sources
  4. Leadership Skills

    This video is perfect training for the small facility manager or team leaders in large communities. Information covered during this video is excellent for staff new to leadership positions and for current lead staff to enhance their skills.
    Course Number: LM05
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Expectations of a Lead Caregiver
    • Typical Responsibilities of a Lead Caregiver
  5. Incident Reporting

    Incident reports are required by state regulations and when done properly can be an important part of your risk management strategies. This course will address when to report an incident, what to document, how to fill out an incident report form, and when multiple reports might be necessary.
    Course Number: LM02
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Incident Reports Are Required by State Regulations
    • Important Part of Your Risk Management Strategies
  6. Ethical and Legal Behavior DVD

    This program teaches care providers about the importance of ethics and integrity in home care and also provides instruction on liability issues.
    Course Number: V21I
    • Training Materials and DVDs
    • 0.5 Hours
    • Importance of Ethics and Integrity in Home Care
    • Instruction on Liability Issues
  7. Skills Training DVD and Checklists

    This essential training tool provides both a DVD of basic care skills as well as a comprehensive set of skills checklists. Use the DVD to review skills and select from over 30 skills checklists to create a standardized way to measure – and track – your caregivers’ skills.
    Course Number: SKCKLS
    • Includes Training DVD and Resource Materials
    • Skills Checklist
    • Designed for Assisted Living and Home Care
    • Customize to Develop Your Organization’s Unique Guide

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