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Arkansas Assisted Living Regulations

Assisted Living

Nursing Home Administrator Continuing Education

Hours: 20 Hours
Frequency: Annually


During each licensure year, active licensed administrators must: (a) participate in twenty (20) clock hours of continuing education at approved workshops, (b) complete six (6) semester hours at an accredited college or university in courses covered by the NAB Domains of Practice, or (c) complete an approved course in nursing home administration as a prerequisite for annual license renewal.

Continuing education hours must be applied to the licensure year in which obtained and cannot be carried over to the following year.

Rules & Regulations for Licensure of Nursing Home Administrators in Arkansas.

For more information visit Arkansas Department of Human Services.

Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit Continuing Education

Hours: 2 Hours
Frequency: Quarterly


In addition to any training requirements for any certification or licensure of the employee, training shall consist of, at a minimum on-going, in-service training consisting of at least two (2) hours every quarter.

The topics to be addressed in the inservice training shall include the following, and each topic shall be ad-dressed at least once per year: 

1. The nature of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, including:

      a. The definition of dementia;
      b. The harm to individuals without a correct diagnosis; and,
      c. The stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Common behavior problems resulting from Alzheimer's or related dementia, and recommended behavior management for the problems;

3. Communication skills to facilitate improved staff relations with residents;

4. Positive therapeutic interventions and activities, such as:

      a. Exercise; b. Sensory stimulation; and, c. Activities of daily living.

5. The benefits of family interaction with the resident, and the need for family interaction;

6. Developments and new trends in the fields of Alzheimer's or related dementia, and treatments for same;

7. Environmental modifications to minimize the effects and problems associated with Alzheimer's or related dementia; and,

8. Development of ISPs, including but not limited to instruction on the method of updating and implementing ISPs across shifts.

Assisted Living Facilities Level II 805(b)

For more information visit Arkansas Department of Human Services.

RN/LPN Continuing Education

Hours: 15 Hours
Frequency: Every 2 Years


15 contact hours are required to complete every 2 years (renewal cycle).

Arkansas State Board of Nursing Rules Chapter 2 Section VII

For more information visit Arkansas Department of Human Services.

All Staff Continuing Education

Hours: 6 Hours
Frequency: Annually


All staff and contracted providers having direct contact with residents and all food service personnel must have 6 hours of in-service training annually.

Include in-service and on-the-job training designed to reinforce the training set forth in orientation.


For more information visit Arkansas Department of Human Services.

All Staff Abuse Prevention Training

Hours: Topic Specific
Frequency: Annually


The requirement that all facility personnel receive annual, in-service training in identifying, reporting and preventing suspected abuse or neglect, and that the facility develops and maintains policies and procedures for the prevention of abuse and neglect and accidents.


For more information visit Arkansas Department of Human Services.

All Staff Medication Policies and Procedures Training

Hours: Topic Specific
Frequency: Annually


In-service training on facility medications policies and procedures shall be provided at least annually for all facility personnel supervising or administering medications.


For more information visit Arkansas Department of Human Services.

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