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Delaware Home Care Regulations

Home Care

Home Health Aide Continuing Education

Hours: 12 Hours
Frequency: Annually


Aides shall attend at least twelve (12) hours annually of staff development activities which shall consist of in-service training programs, workshops, or conferences related to home health care or specific needs of patients and which shall include but not be limited to:

1. Instruction in how to assist patients to achieve maximum self-reliance through re-learning and  modifying activities of daily living;
2. Principles of good nutrition;
3. Meal planning, food purchasing and preparation of meals, including special diets;
4. Information on the emotional and physical problems accompanying illness, disability or aging;
5. Principles and practices in maintaining a clean, healthy, pleasant and safe environment that     encourages morale building and self-help;
6. Items requiring referral to the home health agency, including changes in the patient's condition or  family situation;
7. Observation, reporting, and documentation of patient status;
8. Policies and objectives of the agency;
9. Confidentiality of patient information;
10. Patient rights;
11. Principles of infection control;
12. Verbal/non-verbal communication skills; and
13. Principles of body mechanics.

19 DE Reg. 849

For more information visit Delaware Health and Social Services.

Home Health Aide Training

Hours: 75 Hours
Frequency: New Hire


All newly hired/contracted aides shall be required to complete or show evidence of having completed seventy-five (75) hours of training which shall include instruction and supervised practicum and which addresses:

    1. Personal care services;
    2. Principles of good nutrition;
    3. Process of growth, development and aging;
    4. Principles of infection control;
    5. Observation, reporting and documentation of patient status;
    6. Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment;
    7. Maintaining a least restrictive environment;
    8. Verbal/non-verbal communication skills;
    9. Reading and recording temperature, pulse and respiration;
    10.Safe transfer techniques and ambulation;
    11.Normal range of motion and positioning;
    12.Principles of body mechanics; and
    13.The needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities.


Aides who experience a break in service for greater than two (2) calendar years will be expected to repeat the seventy-five (75) hour training requirement.

19 DE Reg. 849

For more information visit Delaware Health and Social Services.

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