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Georgia Assisted Living Regulations

Assisted Living

Nursing Home Administrator Continuing Education

Hours: 40 Hours
Frequency: Biennially


Forty (40) clock hours of continuing education are required biennially to renew a license.

A minimum of six (6) of the forty (40) hours shall be on Professional Development/Integrity and/or Resident Rights. These hours may not be earned through online or independent study. The main focus must be on standards of professional conduct, professional responsibility, malpractice and recognition of ethical dilemmas.

Hours concerned exclusively with legislative issues will not be acceptable.

A minimum of three (3) of the forty (40) hours shall be on Emergency Preparedness training that may not be earned through online or independent study, unless sponsored by the Georgia Department of Public Health, GHCA or FEMA. The main focus of these hours is disaster planning/preparedness.

The remaining thirty-one (31) clock hours shall be in any or all of the following health care subject areas:

a. Resident Centered Care and Quality of Life;

b. Gerontology and Special Populations;

c. Human Resources;

d. Finance/Financial Practice/Financial Integrity;

e. Leadership Skills and Management;

f. Ancillary Services Management/Development;

g. Regulatory Compliance;

h. Quality Assurance.

Online study from a NAB/N.C.E.R.S. approved course is allowed
No more than twenty (20) clock hours may be from any online provider, OR, one course. However, this limit does not apply to professional conferences which offer multiple presentations.

Rule 393-13-.01

For more information visit Georgia Board of Nursing Home Administrators

Direct Care Staff Continuing Education

Hours: 16 Hours
Frequency: Annually


Beginning with the second year of employment, staff providing hands-on personal services must
have a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of job-related continuing education annually.

For staff providing hands-on personal services in the memory care unit, at least two hours of the ongoing continuing education required each year must be devoted specifically to training relevant to caring for residents with dementia.

CHAPTER 111-8-63

For more information visit Georgia Department of Community Health.

LPN Continuing Education

Hours: 20 Hours
Frequency: Every 2 years


Completion of twenty (20) continuing education hours by a Board approved provider.

O.C.G.A. §43-26-39

For more information visit Georgia Secretary of State.

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