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Indiana Home Care Regulations

Home Care

Home Health Aide Continuing Education

Hours: 12 Hours
Frequency: Annually


Home health aides must receive continuing education. Such continuing education shall total at least twelve (12) hours from January 1 through December 31, inclusive, with a minimum of eight (8) hours in any eight (8) of the following subject areas:

1. Communications skills, including the ability to read, write, and make brief and accurate oral presentations to patients, caregivers, and other home health agency staff.
2. Observing, reporting, and documenting patient status and the care or service furnished.
3. Reading and recording temperature, pulse, and respiration.
4. Basic infection control procedures and universal precautions.
5. Basic elements of body functioning and changes in body function that must be reported to an aide's supervisor. 
6. Maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment.
7. Recognizing emergencies and knowledge of emergency procedures.
8. The physical, emotional, and developmental needs of and ways to work with the populations served by the home health agency, including the need for respect for the patient, the patient's privacy, and the patient's property.
9. Appropriate and safe techniques in personal hygiene and grooming that include the following:
         (A) Bed bath.
         (B) Bath, sponge, tub, or shower.
         (C) Shampoo, sink, tub, or bed.
         (D) Nail and skin care.
         (E) Oral hygiene.
         (F) Toileting and elimination.
10. Safe transfer techniques and ambulation.
11. Normal range of motion and positioning.
12. Adequate nutrition and fluid intake.
13. Medication assistance.
14. Any other task that the home health agency may choose to have the home health aide perform.

410 IAC 17-14-1

For more information visit Indiana State Department of Health.


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