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Iowa Assisted Living Regulations

Assisted Living

Nursing Home Administrator Continuing Education

Hours: 40 Hours
Frequency: Biennially


Each biennium, each person who is licensed to practice as a licensee in this state shall be required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education approved by the board.

The biennial continuing education compliance period shall extend for a two-year period beginning on January 1 of each even-numbered year and ending on December 31 of the next odd-numbered year.

Licensees may obtain continuing education hours of credit by participating in the continuing education programs approved by the National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS).

Chapter 143  ; 645—143.2(272C)

For more information visit Iowa Board of Nursing Home Administrators.


RN/LPN Continuing Education

Hours: 36 Hours
Frequency: Every 3 years


For renewal of a three-year license, the requirement is 36 contact hours or 3.6 CEUs.

For renewal of a license that has been issued for less than three years, the requirement is 24 contact hours or 2.4 CEUs.

Admin Code 655—5

For more information visit Iowa Board of Nursing.


All Health Worker Continuing Education: Mandatory Abuse Identification and Reporting Training

Hours: 2 Hours
Frequency: Every 5 years


The licensee is required to complete at least two hours of training every five years.

It is also mandated that ARNPs, RNs and LPNs who regularly examine, attend, counsel or treat dependent adults or children in Iowa are required to complete training related to the identification and reporting of child/dependent adult abuse.

The course MUST be approved by the Iowa Department of Public Health. The content of the continuing education required pursuant to chapter 272C for a licensed professional providing care or service to a dependent adult shall include, but is not limited to, the responsibilities, obligations, powers, and duties of a person regarding the reporting of suspected dependent adult abuse, and training to aid the professional in identifying instances of dependent adult abuse.


Admin Code 655—5 and  § 235B.16

For more information visit Iowa Department of Public Health.


All Staff Dementia Continuing Education

Hours: 2 Hours
Frequency: Annually


Dementia-specific training shall include hands-on training and may include any of the following: classroom instruction, Web-based training, and case studies of tenants in the program.

a. Except as otherwise provided in this subrule, all personnel employed by or contracting with a dementia-specific program shall receive a minimum of two hours of dementia-specific continuing education annually.
b. Direct-contact personnel employed by or contracting with a dementia-specific program or employed by a contracting agency providing staff to a dementia-specific program shall receive a minimum of eight hours of dementia-specific continuing education annually.
c. Contracted personnel who have no contact with tenants (e.g., persons providing lawn maintenance or snow removal) are not required to receive the two hours of training required in paragraph “a.”


For more information visit Iowa Department of Public Health.


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