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Minnesota Home Care Regulations

Home Care

Home Care Staff Continuing Education

Hours: 8 Hours
Frequency: Annually


Required annual training. All staff that perform direct home care services must complete at least eight hours of annual training for each 12 months of employment.

The training may be obtained from the home care provider or another source and must include topics relevant to the provision of home care services.
The annual training must include:

1. training on reporting of maltreatment of minors under section 626.556 and maltreatment of vulnerable adults under section 626.557, whichever is applicable to the services provided;

2. review of the home care bill of rights in section 144A.44;

3. review of infection control techniques used in the home and implementation of infection control standards including a review of hand-washing techniques; the need for and use of protective gloves, gowns, and masks; appropriate disposal of contaminated materials and equipment, such as dressings, needles, syringes, and razor blades; disinfecting reusable equipment; disinfecting environmental surfaces; and reporting of communicable diseases; and

4. review of the provider's policies and procedures relating to the provision of home care services and how to implement those policies and procedures.


For more information visit Minnesota Department of Health.

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