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New Mexico Assisted Living Regulations

New Mexico
Assisted Living

Nursing Home Administrator Continuing Education

Hours: 24 Hours
Frequency: Annually


Upon renewal, reactivation, or reinstatement, a minimum of twenty-four (24) contact (60-minute) hours of Board-approved continuing education must be accrued within the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the license expiration month.


For more information visit New Mexico Nursing Home Administrators Board.


Direct Care Staff Continuing Education

Hours: 12 Hours
Frequency: Annually


Training and orientation for each new employee and volunteer that provides direct care shall include a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of supervised training prior to providing unsupervised care for residents.

Training shall be provided at orientation and at least twelve (12) hours annually, the orientation, training and proof of competency shall include:
1. fire safety and evacuation training;
2. first aid;
3. safe food handling practices (for persons involved in food preparation), to include:
      a. instructions in proper storage;
      b. preparation and serving of food;
      c. safety in food handling;
      d. appropriate personal hygiene; and
      e. infectious and communicable disease control;
4. confidentiality of records and resident information;
5. infection control;
6. resident rights;
7. reporting requirements for abuse, neglect or exploitation in accordance with 7.1.13 NMAC;
8. smoking policy for staff, residents and visitors;
9. methods to provide quality resident care;
10. emergency procedures;
11. medication assistance, including the certificate of training for staff that assist with medication delivery; and
12. the proper way to implement a resident ISP for staff that assist with ISPs.

If a facility provides transportation to residents, employees of the facility who drive vehicles and transport residents shall have training in transportation safety for the elderly and disabled, including safe vehicle operation.
For more information visit New Mexico Department of Health.


Food Service Training

Hours: Topic Specific
Frequency: Annually


Staff in-service training.The facility shall provide an in-service training program for staff that are involved in food preparation at orientation and at least annually and that includes:
              a. instruction in proper food storage;
              b. preparation and serving food;
              c. safety in food handling;
              d. appropriate personal hygiene; and
              e. infectious and communicable disease control.   
For more information visit New Mexico Department of Health.


Hospice Service Training

Hours: 6 Hours
Frequency: Annually


A facility that provides hospice services shall provide the following education and training for employees who assist with providing these services:

1. provide a minimum of six (6) hours per year of palliative/hospice care training, which includes one (1) hour specific to the hospice resident’s ISP, in addition to the basic staff education requirements pursuant to NMAC; and

2. offer an ongoing employee psychological support program for end of life care issues.   
For more information visit New Mexico Department of Health.


Dementia Training

Hours: 12 Hours
Frequency: Annually


In addition to the training requirements for all assisted living facilities, pursuant to NMAC, all employees assisting in providing care for memory unit residents shall have a minimum of twelve (12) hours of training per year related to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other pertinent information.  
For more information visit New Mexico Department of Health.


RN/LPN Continuing Education

Hours: 30 Hours
Frequency: Every 2 years


Thirty (30) hours of approved CE must be accrued within the 24 months immediately preceding expiration of license. 2.(i) NMAC
For more information visit New Mexico Board of Nursing.


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