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New York Assisted Living Regulations

New York
Assisted Living

Nursing Home Administrator Continuing Education

Hours: 48 Hours
Frequency: Biennially


In order to qualify for registration for each biennial registration period beginning on or after January 1, 2008, a licensed nursing home administrator shall attain 48 clock hours of continuation or continuing education credit acceptable to the Board, which shall be attained during the two-year period immediately preceding the registration period or, attained during the preceding two-year period prior to the registration effective date, if registration is requested during an ongoing registration period.

Title 10 96.11 

For more information visit New York Department of Health.


Adult Care Facility Administrator Continuing Education

Hours: 60 Hours
Frequency: Every 2 years


An administrator must participate in a program of continuing education which:

1. consists of a minimum of 60 hours of attendance over a two year period;
2. requires the prior approval of the department;
3. includes courses, workshops, educational seminars, conferences or college level programs which are directly related to the fields of administration, supervision, program planning and services, human behavior, geriatrics, care of the mentally and physically disabled, social work, health care, financial management, or nutrition;
4. includes, for the administrator of a facility with a significant number of mentally disabled residents, at least 15 hours of programming related to the care and treatment of the mentally disabled.

Continuing education credits will not be required of an administrator holding a valid, current New York State license as a nursing home administrator.

Title 18 490.9

For more information visit New York Department of Health.


All Staff Continuing Education

Hours: Topic Specific
Frequency: Annually


The on-going in-service program for all staff must be provided at least every 12 months.

All new employees or employees being newly assigned to perform new tasks must have completed training within three months of employment or assignment.

The operator must conduct an initial program of orientation and in-service training for employees and volunteers which includes:
1. orientation to the characteristics and needs of the population of the facility;
2. discussion of the residents' rights and the facility's rules and regulations for residents;
3. discussion of the duties and responsibilities of all staff;
4. discussion of the general duties and responsibilities of the individual(s) being trained;
5. discussion relative to the specific duties and tasks to be performed; and
6. training in emergency procedures.

Title 18 490.9

For more information visit New York Department of Health.


LPN Continuing Education

Hours: 3 Hours
Frequency: Every 4 years


All dentists, dental hygienists, licensed practical nurses, optometrists, podiatrists, and registered nurses must complete course work or training appropriate to their practice regarding infection control and barrier precautions, including engineering and work controls to prevent the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the hepatitis b virus (HBV) in the course of professional practice, every four years according to Section 6505-b of the Education Law.


For more information visit New York Board of Nursing.


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