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South Dakota Assisted Living Regulations

South Dakota
Assisted Living

Nursing Facility Administrator Continuing Education

Hours: 40 Hours
Frequency: Biennially


A minimum of 40 hours of continuing education pertaining to health care, healthcare administration or business administration that pertain to the duties of a nursing facility administrator are required biennially for renewal of license.

The Board does not limit the number of online courses that a licensee can take.


For more information visit South Dakota Board of Nursing Facility Administrators.

All Staff Training

Hours: Topic Specific
Frequency: Annually


The facility shall have a formal orientation program and an ongoing education program for all personnel.

Ongoing education programs shall cover the required subjects annually. These programs shall include the following subjects:
1.  Fire prevention and response. The facility shall conduct fire drills quarterly for each shift. If the facility is not operating with three shifts, monthly fire drills shall be conducted to provide training for all staff;
2.  Emergency procedures and preparedness;
3.  Infection control and prevention;
4.  Accident prevention and safety procedures;
5.  Resident rights;
6.  Confidentiality of resident information;
7.  Incidents and diseases subject to mandatory reporting and the facility's reporting mechanisms;
8.  Care of residents with unique needs; and
9.  Nutritional risks and hydration needs of residents.

Any personnel whom the facility determines will have no contact with residents are exempt from training required by subdivisions (8) and (9) of this section.

          Additional personnel education shall be based on facility identified needs.

ARSD 44:70:04:04

For more information visit South Dakota Department of Health.

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